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This 4 minute introduction provides a fascinating introduction to the 4 part DVD set, Beautiful Revelations. This is a monumental visual insight into the beautiful truth that there are credible and incredible cures for many of the worlds most horrendous diseases.

Beautiful Revelations brings you face to face with the doctors, nutritionists and researchers who are risking reputation and funding to bring hope to millions. There is no need to suffer in ignorance or silence when the truth is available.

One of the most horrific manifestations of the global elite new world order is a desire to ensure that the entire population of the earth is completely dependant on the big drug cartels for medications even if this means hiding from the public the fact that there are natural cures for many of the most terrible diseases known to humans.

Proof is provided by whistle blowers who have attended the bilderberger annual conferences and a number of other secretive elite meetings focused on population control and eugenics.

If you or someone you love or someone you know has been or is still suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, constant fungal infections or some form of urinary/digestive issue then it makes no sense seeing the below and doing nothing. Nothing will not resolve anything. You must act as knowledge is power, especially the knowledge that is hidden from you under the guise of media propaganda, lawsuits, blackmail and intimidation. These are the weapons used by the global elite to suppress a population revolt.

Someone you know, must surely benefit from the below. Will you be a conduit for getting the truth out?

Billions Being Spent to Suppress The Truth!

Is there really a conspiracy to withhold information that could positively impact the life of billions of people on the face of this planet who are suffering from life impacting diseases? Could this really, honestly, be a fact? Are multi-billion dollar corporations that evil, that they would simply rather billions suffer than be fully healed by the release of new treatments that fully cure disease? Or is this accusation about the medical establishment just typical conspiracy theory junk?

Is there really a cure for cancer, heart disease or diabetes? Why is it that cases of people being fully cured, is not on prime-time news? Why is it that such powerful testimonials and case studies would not cause a worldwide media frenzy? Why is it that where we have seen documentaries about health centers claiming healing properties in alternative treatments, that when under intense review, the health centers seem to fall down on cross examination where their data and claims make it difficult to really fully trust what they are saying?

Is their really a cure for many of the worlds terrible diseases or are the people claiming being cured actually experiencing situations, where the power of their mind has seemingly reversed their condition? Are these so called alternative treatments nothing more than a placebo to empower peoples mental beliefs that they can be healed?

What do you believe? Have you tried alternative therapies and remedies? Do they work? How can we make sense of all this confusion and scandal on both sides of the fence especially where lives, health and emotions are concerned?

An Explosive 4 Pack DVD that Leaves No Stone Unturned!

We have never provided a DVD package before which is focused exclusively on exposing the hidden truth around the cure for disease and the beautiful revelations about the options that are available to people and families who find themselves between a rock and a hard place. This four pack DVD blows the lid of what we all know about what is going on today with the billion dollar efforts of the drug cartels to suppress the truth and take down those who dare to stand up.


THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER PART 1 DVD: (120 MINUTES):  Many people are aware that that food is the key to helping people heal. After all, you are what you eat. But because modern farming and food production has stripped the food (even the so called fresh food) of so many nutrients, and then peoples cooking and food preparation further destroys or loses what nutrition was left (we are the only animal that cooks its food!) it has become crucial  that you source and develop the best nutrition available that are derived from food (plants) so that the nutrients can be absorbed and the body can then cleanse, alkalize & heal. Absolutely amazing interviews with the movers and shakers who are seeking to expose the mainstream options .

THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER PART 2 DVD: (60 MINUTES): Do you want to be the hero in your life or someone you love by sharing the knowledge, tools, protocols, and success systems for preventing and beating cancer? Are you excited about this message and mission and want to “shout it from the roof tops” and share it with everyone you meet? Then you’re going to love owning this DVD and having the luxury to watch it over and over again. Share it with your friends and family and use the knowledge to improve (or save) your life or someone you love. There is no more powerful trigger than that of those who have survived to tell the tale of what they did and how it worked, against the odds.

AGAINST ALL ODDS DVD: (90 MINUTES): Against all odds is a DVD documentary focused on one mans fight against the local government and medical establishment as they piled on the pressure when his revelations about a cure for cancer raised significant awareness within his community. An incredible insight into the lengths that the medical establishment will go to crush those who ignore their warnings and make a public mockery of those who dare to be brave and stand in their way. This documentary also reveals one of the most incredible healing substances known to man and provides clear definitive instructions of what it is and how you can easily access it.

INTERVIEWS WITH THE GIANTS DVD: (70 MINUTES): What is the future of treatments for cancer, diabetes and heart disease should the medical establishment and the drugs cartel continue to ignore the growing body of evidence to support a natural cure for all of these horrific and debilitating diseases. Is their a day of reckoning on the horizon? a medical Armageddon, when the growing body of truth seekers finally face the medical establishment face to face? Come face to face with the revolutionary brigade of experts, nutritionists and doctors who are risking their reputation and lines of funding to expose the truth and provide clear insight into the natural healing processes that work. An amazing collection of interviews.

4  Incredible Bonuses

Along with your Beautiful Revelations package you will also get immediate access to 4 great bonus specials.

1. The Ultimate Cancer Survivor Guide: Fascinating update on some of the most extraordinary developments in the fight against cancer. Includes reports on the new rainforest discovery that wipes out deadly cancers in less than a year, the hybridized mushroom extract that destroys cancer cells and provides powerful immune protection, the royal Vietnamese medicinal herb that shows promise in healing prostate and ovarian cancer, the magic mushroom formula that conquers breast cancer....and so much more.

2. THE 11 Medical Breakthroughs and Breakdowns That Will Rock the World: 11 truly unbelievable insights that you would never seen in most health journals. You really have to see this. For instance the following is 1 of many revelations that you simply don't hear about in the mainstream news.

Want to find out what happened next? Then purchase Beautiful Revelations today and whilst your DVDs are being shipped to you, get instant access to the 2 bonus reports.

Along with your Beautiful Revelations package you will also get immediate access to 2 great bonus online videos.

3. The WAR AGAINST YOU: While the FDA marches on with their plans to take away your right to health and nutrition, this documentary threatens to blow their tyrannical rule apart. Never before seen footage, and never before heard evidence that will SHOCK you into action. Provides incredible insight into a medical conspiracy which forms a key component of the new world order agenda based on alliances between the global elite and the drug barons controlling the prescription medicine industry.

4. THE CURE FOR CANCER IS NOW: The documentary explains some of the holistic treatments used in the top clinics all over the world; such as ozone therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, insulin potentiated treatments and all the forms of hyperthermia, with the top doctors from these clinics explaining in detail how each treatment works. Not only does this documentary contain a vast amount of knowledge, it is also presented in such a way that it can be understood by anyone, whether they already have some awareness of natural cures or whether this is the first time they have ever heard there is anything apart from the mainstream alternative of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Purchase Beautiful Revelations today and whilst your DVDs are being shipped to you, get instant access to these 2 magnificent online video documentaries (2 hours each).

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"You have a full 60 days to review this package. So work your way through the 4 DVDs and make notes as you go along and see the frightening evidence of the corruption and scandal within the medical establishment.

Send us any questions or recommendations by email. And if after 60 days you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, you'll get a prompt and courteous refund of every dollar.. No questions simply can't lose..."

WARNING: Make sure you request this DVD package today, but remember some of the content in these video documentaries are of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

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